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Matthew 25:36

"I was in prison and you came to visit"





April 2013 - One Weekend - God's Time! 


Agape: Thursday Evening

The Light of Christ  

42 Inside Women - Hearts Broken 

42 Outside Women - Hearts Broken Open 

Conversation - Introductions and Cookies

Come Lord Jesus!

Agape: Friday, Saturday and Sunday

More cookies

Scripture, Witness, Prayer, 

Singing, Dancing, Laughter, Tears

God's Unconditional Love on Holy Ground

Kairos Time

84 Kairos Sisters-in-Christ - Hearts Healing


Inside Sister's Testimony:

"I challenge us to reject the negativity on the Compound! 

I challenge us to change!

I challenge us to take the Love and Hope and Joy we experienced this weekend onto the Compound everyday! 

We can make the difference!"


Outside Sister smiling to Inside Sister: "Your smile heals my heart!"

Inside Sister smiling to Outside Sister: "You thought I was asleep!"





Kairos, God’s appointed time. I have been drawn to Kairos ministry long before it came to the women’s prison in MD. I had been part of baking cookies and prayer for teams in PA, and VA. I knew God changed lives. He changed mine radically. Even though I had never been incarcerated, I had been in a prison of my own guilt and regrets for years. I wanted to share the freedom that only God can give with others.

When Kairos came to MD, I eagerly awaited my opportunity to serve. Things never seemed to work out but I was able to serve alongside my husband Chuck as outside support. It was always stirring to see how God changed the lives of participants weekend after weekend. God’s awesomeness was a beacon of light in a dark place.

One weekend I was sitting in the closing chapel hearing the men say over and over, “Who is the Church?” “We are the Church!” I heard the Holy Spirit say, “How will they know unless someone goes?” (Romans 10: ) I left compelled to attend the next Jessup weekend. Finally, I would experience my own Kairos!

It is beyond words what it means to pass on what God has so graciously given and to see His healing power sweep over a group of women even in the midst of what most would call a hopeless place. God is in the business of transforming the hopeless into new hope. I go in with the expectation that God will do amazing things and I have never been disappointed. He gives hope and blessings where my friends ask “Why would you go there? They deserve all they get.” The love of God can change this world one person at a time in prison and out.

Patty Fiske

Littlestown, PA

Dear Lynn,

“I went to my first ever Kairos event, the closing ceremony at MCI-W#8 in Jessup, MD.  I had no idea that I would come away feeling so blessed after this experience knowing that these women were ministered to so lovingly and that so many of them came to know Jesus as their Savior. My heart was truly touched by the testimonies of the guests.  Thanks for inviting me.  God is really at work in this Ministry and my hats off to all who were a part of Kairos Inside.” 

Judy P.

Prayer Warrior & KAIROS Supporter

Dear Gina,

Serving on MCI-W#6 team was one of the most rewarding and amazing experiences of my life.  I am so blessed that the Lord allowed me this very special opportunity to witness upclose and in person, the awesome power of His love. 

Helen White

Severna Park, MD